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Personalized stories

(#) ZombieSlayer13x 2012-08-22

Hehe I love these! I'm writing some myself if you want a reference or something. Well, here's my idea for you!

Name- Alexandria Wong

Age- 28


Hair: Jet black hair with layers and a side bang over her right eye

Eyes: Almond shaped and a deep brown

Body: She's only 5' 2" tall with average weight. She has a slim waist but a bit of a bulkier upper body (e.g. bigger bust/rib cage, broad shoulders, you know).

Clothing- Mostly professional because of her job. She wears standard heels or boots with either cute, straight skirts or skinny pants. Normally black or an outlandish color. On top just an oxford with a blazer or trench coat.

Personality- Intelligent, caring, loyal, optimistic, witty, sarcastic, manipulative when it comes to the criminals, strong-willed, nice to people she likes, patient

Characters included: Frank as the prisoner, one other member from the band (you can choose lol) as a fellow agent.

General storyline- She's a criminal profiler at the BAU (if you watch criminal Minds, a lot like that). One day she's interviewing a criminal. That criminal is Frank. You can make up what he's in the slammer for. Down the line things get tricky when he keeps manipulating her feelings and shamelessly flirting. She has to cope with it, eventually giving in.

Anything else?: Naaahhh haha. She like reading, writing, drawing, horror movies, and listening to music.

Thanks so much and good luck! :D

Author's response

Ohoho that's original. This is going to be fun. :D Thank you, I'll get right on this as soon as possible. I'm not very familiar with this kind of thing but I think I know enough to write this. (: