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Personalized stories

(#) CyanideSuicide 2012-08-22

Name:Mazy Hardell
Age: 18
Hair: black pixie cut with red chunks
Eyes:one green one blue
Height/Weight/Body type:5ft7, slim
Clothing:leggings and superheroe shirts, with doc martens
Piercings/Tattoos:tattoo sleaves
Personality: kind, clever, very observant, loves to pull pranks
Likes/Dislikes:animals, comic books, music and art dislikes spiders
Story line: Her and frank are in a prank war against Gerard and Mikey so they fill their entire house up with popcorn and when Mikey and Gerard admit defeat he kisses her on instinct and the Mikey and. Gee run out embarrassed and frank admits his feeling for her
Characters you want included and as what: Frank love interest, Gerard, Mikey

Hope this is good enough