Review for Professional Griefers Video = JIZZZZ

Professional Griefers Video = JIZZZZ

(#) BulletproofNinja 2012-08-29

I like your view on the story behind it. I never thought it could represent the fighting of genres. Good thinking XD

GERARD IS THE MOST ADORKABLE MOTHERFUCKER EVER!!!! His facial expression when he was all like "Fuck."


I spazzed so much and jumped down the stairs to my mum and dad. I told my Dad why I was excited and he said "That'll stop you being miserable then?" *cue death glare*

Anyhoo, I loved it too!

~BulletproofNinja xo

Author's response

Haha, sounds like something my dad would say xD
It definitely kept me from being miserable for a day at least.