Review for Extremely Detailed Auditions

Extremely Detailed Auditions

(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-08-29

Name: Anna Carlisle 
Age: 17
If I’m pairing you with someone: Preferably Mikey 

Sex? Virgin?: Would be kinda nervous the first time, but would be a little demanding or bossy in bed. As of now, she's a virgin. If you wanna get more detailed- you can just ask xD 
Male/Female/Between: Female. Keen to a strap-on, though. I MEAN- cough. 

Eyes: Hex is #7D7D7D It should be a medium-dark grey. 

Hair: Just barely reaches shoulders, choppy layers, usually messy, Dark brown dyed black underneath, usually work down and somewhat in face. Never wears it up in public, but will pull it into pigtails when working on something. Does not tuck it behind her ears, and has wispy, right side bangs that stop a bit below her eyebrow. 

Height: Very small for her age, 5'1.

Age: She's 17 her size makes her look younger but her attitude and makeup makes her seem older or more mature. Acts more mature than most of her classmates, actually. 

Body Type: Short and Skinny, wears clothes that conceal most of her curves, has a little bid of cheek fat she tries to get rid of, long legs compared to the rest of her, flat stomach, and when she takes off her sweatshirt you can see her curves a lot better. 

Race: White, from the South, so when very angry she sounds like she has a southern accent. 

Skin Color: Lightly tanned, warm toned skin- more yellow undertones than pink. Has a few, almost unnoticeable freckles across her nose, but she covers those up with makeup. 

Face Shape: An oval, or 'regular' shape face, chin a little more pointed instead of rounded. Constantly tries to get rid of cheek fat, even though it's normal for her age. 

Nose: Not to flat, with a rounded, almost perky tip. Wishes it was a bit more pointed at the end. 

Mouth: Average lips, not to full but not thin. Always has chapstick on. 

Ears: normal sized. 

Hands and Feet: Long fingered, with nailbeds to match. Dainty looking feet, always has her nails painted. The color varies from day to day. 

Anything Else: scars, birthmarks, whatever else (piercings go here. A scar on the back of her right ankle from a fishing hook, it's an almost -white line. 

General Outfit: Her school wears khaki pants and Navy polos with a brown belt and any tennis shoes. She always wears an oversized navy sweatshirt with khaki skinny jeans and grey converse to school. Has a black hobo bag with a batman symbol on it. When out of school, she wears various, dark colored college sweatshirts (doesn't like hoodies) that are way to big for her with shorts you can't really see, and if forced, her grey converse. She hates shoes and avoids them as much as possible. 

Shoes: Grey converse low tops (doesn't wear socks) with red laces. 

Accessories: Her lobes are both pierced once, and she has an industrial in her right ear. Usually wears studs and a bar. 
Special Accessories: Nah.

Makeup Wears a thin coat of brown liquid eyeliner with a dark nude color all around her eyes, contours her nose a bit- basically making herself look sick or somewhat dead. Heavy on the makeup and light everywhere else. 

Colors Worn: Colors like navy, black, grey, and occasionally brown sweatshirts with unknown colored shirts and shorts. 
Overall Fashion Sense: She might look insecure or uncomfortable to some. 

General Personality: 

Sarcastic, temperamental, secretly very Insecure, quick witted, Can be rude to some, swears a lot, creative with insults, has frequent mood swings, doesn't like meeting new people, and isn't quick to trust. With people she does get to know, she Is very reliant on them and can even be described as clingy. She puts everything she has into a person she loves, and you can tell. 

Most Common Mood: usually quiet and content unless angered. 

Hangouts: in case of a runaway story: A library or a diner. 

Favorite Activities: Playing computer games like Everquest or World Of Warcraft- but she only creates characters then deletes them. Also likes  reading and studying art history. Usually works on coding for video games and whatnot. 

Can't/Won't: Do math, or be anywhere outside. 

Profession: N/A

Relative Height: No other characters, so she's still 5'1. 

Attitude Towards Strangers: Stand offish, sometimes quiet or rude. 

Could you... List any special requests here. Plots? Pets? Family? Plots... The band just starting out and characters going to shows with them?