Review for Extremely Detailed Auditions

Extremely Detailed Auditions

(#) bloodbunny15 2012-08-30

Name: Kai Lee Mitchells

Age: 17

If I’m pairing you with someone: frank or ray

Sex? Virgin?: still a virgin, just waiting for the right moment

Male/Female/Between: male

Eyes: oval shaped and glacier blue with a tint of grey

Hair: short, choppy layers, bangs covering left eye, sometimes spiked at the back and it's dyed black but sometimes you can see a little blonde root but very rarely

Height: around about 5'7-5'8

Age: he's 17 but his voice is quite deep so it makes him sound a bit older by about 2-3 years

Body Type: skinny with long legs

Race: white but from the north east of england so when he gets mad or a bit drunk you can hear his slight geordie accent

Skin Color: pale-ish, like snow white but a couple a shades darker

Face Shape: oval shaped face, not to thin a thinner than most people's

Nose: slight point at the end

Mouth: pink, thin lips

Ears: can be seen with a slight point at the top

Hands and Feet: hands are skinny but not with bone like fingers, feet are a pretty normal size for his height

Anything Else: a small oval shaped burn mark on his left wirst

General Outfit: dark red skinny jeans, a black tight black veil brides shirt

Shoes: wears odd socks and converse high tops or checkered vans

Accessories: normally a studded silver belt hanging loosely off his waist, black and red striped fingerless gloves that go up too the elbow and a beanie hanging loosely (sp?) on the back of his head and a black lip ring on the right side of his mouth, a nose ring on the left nostril and a plug on the right ear (a small one the size of a polo mint)

Special Accessories: nope

Makeup: a thick coat of eyeliner

Colors Worn: dark reds, dark purples, black, navy blue

Overall Fashion Sense: the stereotypical "emo" look some would say and a bit scary 'cause of the piercings

General Personality: shy at first, rebelious, random, creative, witty, intelligent, talented music wise and drawing wise, can have trust issues, very secretive about somethings, a loyal friend and has a "i don't give a fuck" attitude

Most Common Mood: usually he's staring off into space thinking about his next move

Hangouts: in case of a runaway story; an abandoned small train station or a under an old bridge

Favorite Activities: playing guitar, writing lyrics, drawing, thinking and listening to music

Can't/Won't: do anything physical such as running for long periods of time or housework

Profession: N/A

Relative Height: slightly taller than his brother Jacky (he goes up to Kai's shoulder)

Attitude Towards Strangers: kinda shy yet still rebelious and quirky

Could you... List any special requests here. he was in an abusive family hence the scar

hope you like it :)