Review for Extremely Detailed Auditions

Extremely Detailed Auditions

(#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2012-08-30

Name: Echo Chase. Her nicknames are Co-Co partly due to her love of hot chocolate. And sometimes to tease her friends will repeat the name several times, thus creating an echo or draw the name out like Echooooooo.
Age: 21? Feel free to change
If I’m pairing you with someone: honestly up to you but she is gay so…I do like LynZ though.
Sex? Virgin?: she isn’t a virgin but has only ever been with her ex boyfriend, kian and hasn’t done it with her current girlfriend yet because she is worried.
Male/Female/Between: female
Eyes: Instead of "blue," please say, "a slightly greenish medium blue," "a blue like the midtones of this shirt [link]" or "RGB 60 153 181" Mention shape or anything else I'd need to know. emerald green eyes that are very big and wide, almost childlike and have a very innocent look to them. thick dark l spiky lashes.
---> Color Picker (works with hexadecimal, RGB and HSB; HSB is similar to HSL and HSV)
Hair: Mention color, thickness, length and typical style. Does it cover your character's ears? If your character usually wears it one way but occasionally wears it a different way, feel free to say so—it gives me more creative license. Waist length, very thick and uncontrollable jet black (natural colour) curls. It is dip dyed dark purple. No fringe just the natural parting. Normally worn down, cascading down her back and over her shoulders, often with some kind of headband or clip. Examples are a silver and black spider web complete with spider, a black and purple rose or a black bat clip. The clip is always worn on the left. Only ever ties it back for sports or on a really hot day. when she does it will be in a mid to high ponytail, a messy bun or two messy pigtails secured with childish hair bobbles. By this I mean colourful hair elastics with plastic hello kitty heads, smiley faces, butterflies ect.
Height: on the short side, about four foot nine, four foot eight.
Age: If your character is 18 but looks like she is only 15 or so, please make note of this. If the difference is significant (2-4 years; much more would mean a genetic anomaly), then you should mention which traits (height, baby fat...) give off this impression or I'll get a headache trying to write the character. She is twenty one but due to her childlike eyes , underdeveloped figure, height and often childlike behaviour she can often appear a few years younger. From a distance she has been mistaken for a young teen (around fourteen, fifteen)
Body Type: slim/average/stocky frame, girlish/womanish/in-between figure if female, athletic/average/dodgeball target, how thin or fat, feel free to be more specific as necessary. Very underdeveloped figure, no hips and very small, practically no existent breasts. (very embarrassed and self conscious of this.) toned legs with small pale feet. Toenails always painted dark purple, red or blue even though she loathes open toed shoes. Small pale hands with long fingers and short, bitten nails painted red, black, blue or purple. On special occasions she will do fancy nail art (skulls, animals, fruit, clouds, bats, cartoons, spiders ect)
Race: as in, White, African, Asian, etc.; white.
Skin Color: The more descriptive you are, the better. Hexadecimal codes are great. Mention freckles, if any, and where they are. She is naturally very pale and burns almost instantly. Never tans. She has a sprinkling of freckles either side of her nose. she blushes easily so her cheeks go red a lot, contrasting against her pale skin.
Face Shape: round, thin, in between, don't know; cheekbones; baby fat. Heart shaped, with high cheekbones.
Nose: How large is it? originally a cute little button nose but due to being broken twice, it isn’t exactly perfect and close up it looks a little bent out of place.
Mouth: fullness of lips, etc. top lip and bottom don match up, always stained berry red with lipstick. Quite thin and often bitten but hidden behind the makeup and or chapstick.
Ears: anything notable? Nope, bar from the metal shoved through them.
Anything Else: scars, birthmarks, whatever else (piercings go here. scarf room falling out of a tree when she was five and several old cat scratches and not a scar but a bite mark on her left wrist from when her pet snake bit her. has earlobes pierced three times, a industrial on the left ear and a rook and all the way down the outer ear rim is pierced. She has a nape piercing. Has a tattoo In fancy writing saying “let it go” on the inside of her left wrist and “hold on” in the same text on her right.

General Outfit: Does she love dresses? Does he wear large shirts? Do the clothes have designs, or are they usually simple and plain? Is there a uniform, and if so, could you describe it or show me a picture? Loves to dress up as it gives her a chance to show off her unique and creative style and she often makes her own clothes or adds bits on to plain items of clothing. She generally will wear knee length chequered skirts in all kinds of colours over bright leg warmers, tights sometimes even over jeans. Animal tee shirts, shirts with funny slogans (often dirty or homemade) or cartoon characters on them. also likes wearing bootcut tartan jeans adorned with thick clunky chains or knee length corset style dresses *blue, red, black, purple or green)covered with black lace with tights. Lots of spikes, patches and studs and random bits of fabric attached to clothes.
Shoes: Sneakers? High heels? Socks? Loves converse with brightly coloured patterns or doodles on them with laces with stars, skulls of smiley faces on them, knee high boots with chains or iron fist shoes when she is in a really good mood.
Accessories: jewelry, pierced ears (if so, mention what type of earrings he/she usually wears), scarves, belts, hats never wears matching earring in her lobes. Generally has in the left a pink skull, a black music note and a yellow lightning strike and on the right a pink hoop (in the back hole) a smiley ace and a bat or a spider on the right. wears lots and lots of bracelets( gummy, beaded, leather wristbands, woven ect) and likes elaborate chokers. Whenever she wears jeans she will always have on a pink and purple studded belt with a bat buckle. Sometimes wears a purple beanie hat on a bad hair day. has a coffin shaped backpack with her name and date of death on written on it she takes everywhere.
Special Accessories: If your character has any, please give me a picture or a detailed description. Pictures are much preferred. If your little girl has a favorite doll she carries everywhere, mention it here. always has a book about reptiles on her and a stack load of library books (she loves classic romance and horror or historical romance)
Makeup If your character is female (or male...?), then please describe makeup. Taste is more important than exact colors, because women tend to change their makeup day to day depending on what colors they're wearing. Preferences are great (such as blush that emphasizes the cheekbones, eye shadow that doesn't look too unnatural, etc.). light foundation but you can still see her freckles through it. she likes Smokey eye make up and always had red lips.. lots of dark, unnatural eyeshadows and eyeliner. Likes to experiment.
Colors Worn: What colors is your character likely to be wearing? Again, please be specific—"bright, cheerful greens, usually more bluish than yellowish" is much more specific than "green." If you simply say "green," I'm going to assume that your character likes every green that I can imagine. Near enough all reds apart from browny reds, emerald greens, dark purples, blacks and dark blues.
Overall Fashion Sense: (optional) To an outsider, how do these clothes look? Is there an overall "adorable" feel, or might a different person wonder if your character is color-blind? She likes to be creative so I supise it may look a little out there or as if she is colour blind but she honestly doesn’t care because she likes the attention.

General Personality: I want to be able to convey it in the writin; a list of 7 or so adjectives or a short paragraph is about right creative, daydreamer, happy go lucky. She is loyal and tries to make people smile. is a good listener and advice giver but never follows her own or anyone’s advice ever. Very stubborn and hard working, sometimes finds it hard to know when to give in. can come across as careless, but she really cares more than people think and would do anything for the people she loves. Gets shy but hides it behind her signature smile or raised middle finger. Has big dreams and high expectations but because of this when she gets let down, she hits the ground hard. Loves learning and is a creature of routine. Sarcastic. Animal lover.
Most Common Mood: Is this character usually smiling, frowning, or staring off into space thinking about philosophy? Either smiling, concentrating on a book or staring off into space thinking about animal or music.
Hangouts: in case of a runaway story; if you were looking for him/her, where would you check first? Animal shelter, library, down by a stream/creak in the woods or her a park in a nearby city where her grandmothers ashes were scattered.
Favorite Activities: Just list a few. I might end up writing your character holding a book or petting a cat. Reading, walking her dogs, handling her snake, swimming, tae kwon do or writing,
Can't/Won't: If your character can't swim, I don't want to draw her swimming. She cant ride a bike because she gave up when she fell off and broke her wrist when she was five, cant and wont dance and wont go anywhere without her ipod, phone, and a book.
Profession: What do they do for a living? If they're too young to work, or don’t, say so. she volenters at an aminal shelter and is studying to be a lawyer. Has a job in a local vet clinic as a receptionist.

Relative Height: So I don't make anyone too tall or too short (ex. Jenny is just below shoulder height on Fred) If you have a height chart of them all right next to each other... perfect. Shorter than pretty much everyone. Comes to below shoulder height on everyone.
Attitude Towards Strangers: tries to be welcoming but if she gets the vibe they don’t like her or her friends she will give them an earful and be very cold.
Could you... List any special requests here. Plots? Pets? Family? Pet corn snake (blood red) called Riddle a retired greyhound called chase and a irish wolfhound called Einstein.