Review for to the children

to the children

(#) Mynameisnotimportant 2012-09-04

I'm not one of those people who say that 'Everyone has a good side!' (BLECH BLECH BLECH) but for some reason, you don't come off as a particularly horrible troll.
You actually seem sort of...nice.
Am I an immature child? I wish. Then at least I'd have something to blame this explosive fountain of over-sentimentality on.

All the same, I'm just going to try to keep the field even. There are some absolutely ridiculous double standards going on here. People say how great MCR is, and I'm not knocking it in any way, but the minute somebody says "I'm not an MCR fan", there is virtual bloodshed.
If their opinions matter, then so do yours.

However, it's the whole bomb in an airport situation. You offend one person, people stooge to their aid and pretty soon it's a bull pen of shouty opinionated humans.
Don't offend people on the internet, moral of the story. There are lots of them, and people are wittier in large groups.

And Pish Posh on you! The only reason Tyler Durden is unflappable is because he's an unreal dual personality. (Completely disregards what I just said, creating double standard, rendering me a hypocrite. Do I care? Not particularly. Do you? If not, okay. If so, I'd apologize but I'm thoroughly not sorry.)

Now that I've written you a review the equivalent of Beowulf and Grendel, I bid you adieu.