Review for to the children

to the children

(#) upinflames 2012-09-04

Ok, man? Thanks, I guess. You kinda remind me of my pothead aunt who rants about how stupid us young people are. You seem like a decent human being. Cut the crazier parts of our weird ass website some slack, y'know it's probably a case of pms and hormones on top of some misdirected anger. Tits are hard to control, they just kinda flop around like the useless bags of lard they are.

But yeah, thanks. Did this really change me? Fuck no. Did it make me feel better about adults out there? Nope. BUT do I have some respect towards you? sure.

p.s. - It's better if you go on Google and just search for FOB fics than spend shitty time looking here. There's better stuff on rec lists.