Review for Physical Therapy, Music, and A Switch

Physical Therapy, Music, and A Switch

(#) RockMusic 2012-09-05

WGAHFVJ! I'm weeping, IN INSANITY. You continue to do this to me. I think you like playing with my emotions. First I was all 'aw cute, he's nervous, they're in love -happy happy-' then the guy called and I was all 'um, okay.. Good for Ry. Bad for boss guy' then I was like 'WHYYY?! Date ruined? -tear-' then 'Yay! Fixy' then 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! WHY?! Let Ryan explain! He didn't keep things from you! WHYYYYYYY?! GOD BRENDON! You may drive a nice car, but that doesn't mean you can't just let people not get to speak'... Now I'm all 'WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!'

-- most illiterate thing I've ever typed. Ever. Can't be bothered. I'm going through a very emotional time. Ryan and Brendon are having this on and off thing, due to confusion, rollercoaster emotions and lack of communication. It's really taking a toll on me (Because, their relationship in a fic totally affects me in actuality... Its totally normal. Not weird at all. Nope, not weird).

Author's response

Your comments always make me smile though! :) And hahahaha the rollercoaster of emotions in this chapter... I just don't want to end it so soon. But I think I might cause it seems to be losing its popularity.