Review for Faith in fiction

Faith in fiction

(#) aweirdtree 2012-09-17

aren't i glad that i've never suffered from insomnia.

i liked this very much. it really makes me think about sleepless nights and all the weird fuckery your brain comes up with when you haven't slept properly for days (or nights. whatever). so thank you! and am i right if i assume that the title is inspired by FVK? :D

Author's response

Aaaah yes, you should be. Insomnia is the worst, and the really horrible part is that it never acts the same, like, sometimes I dream all these crazy, scary things and wake up shaking and unable to go back to sleep. Then, sometimes it's just like someone put my brain on repeat and I just think about the same things over and over and over... Common for both, though, is that the next day is always greeted with a headache and a sore neck. XD (And sometimes pencil-smudges all over my face from successfully falling into a coma ontop of my sketchbook, whatever)

And yes, indeed it was :D I just though about that line and I realized that yeah, it pretty much sums up what this poem is about. And although it is an old, quite common idiom, FVK did inspire me in this case :)

And thank you so much, your reviews always warm my heart :) (And by the way, our brains are now officially married to each other. End of story XD)