Review for Triwizard Redux

Triwizard Redux

(#) brad 2006-11-06

I'm surprised that super-Harry, heir to all four founders, Merlin and God knows who else, still stuck with the gillyweed this time around. There must be oodles of other (more flashy) ways to do it.

Loved the scene with Luna curtsying to Harry. It might be over the top, given their ages, but still it's quite touching, thinking of how he's friended Luna and the sincerity of the emotions between those two. It's nice.

Seems a bit of a contrivance that Harry can only create the nine protection charms, and not nine million, given his power and all?

Thanks for the two chapters so quickly!

Author's response

It wasn't about Harry's power as it is Harry's relationship to Hogwarts. The castle can only do so much without weakiening in other directions.