Review for Triwizard Redux

Triwizard Redux

(#) Meteoricshipyards 2006-11-06

Good chapter. Interesting the heir of Merlin thing. And Draco refuses to believe it. Liked his comment about the heir of Slytherin.

What's Harry going to do about Dumbledore. He should never have told him. (I'm glad in the bit of the other story you've posted that he hasn't told yet). It's not bad enough that Harry has to let Voldemort get ressurrected and then kill him, but he has to put up with Dumbledore's screwing with him, too?

By the way, does he get his revenge on the Dursleys? Or is living well the best revenge.

Now I have to go back and comment on the previous chapter.

Thanks for writing this. I've enjoyed all your work (but the Harry/Luna stuff better :-)

Tom A.