Review for Auditionsssss


(#) Shayla_boo 2012-09-26

Name: Janey Harris
Age(16-18): 16
Hair- Curly maroon hair, two curly strands on the sides
Eyes- royal blue, big
Weight/Height/Body Figure: Skinny, short, slender

Clothes (if a band which 3): Mindless Self Indulgence, The Black Keys, Green Day tees, schoolgirl skirts, UglyDoll keychains hanging off skinny jeans, bright color beanies, hoodies

Likes: bunnies, indie or rock/punk music, collecting special edition Barbies, skateboarding, comics, drawing animals, anything carnival, BUBBLES!, 30's music

Dislikes: fruit (she's different.), soda, hospital shows, camping

Favorite bands: The above mentioned in clothes, Placebo, Papa Roach

What does music mean to you (try not to write about how it 'saves' your life even though it might have): It has meaning to it more artistically then poetry.

Anything else?: she secretly has a crush on your oc.
Personality: artsy, bubbly, a bit geeky, blunt, humorous, gets upset easily, outgoing, impulsive