Review for Auditions


(#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-09-30

Part: Murdered niece! Hellz yeah!

Name: Jade Roman

Gender: Female

Age (30 and up, pretty please. If you're auditioning for the murdered niece, 16-18.): 17

Appearance is split for detail-

Hair colour and style: Jet black, with bottle green tips and blue streaks, that goes to her shoulders. Oh, she was a rebellious child, Jade... -weeps in mourning-

Eye colour: Sapphire blue, with an emerald green ring around the pupil and ice blue flecks just randomly dotted here and there. Dude, don't tell me she doesn't have amazing eyes.

Height/weight: 6"6 (one tall motherfucker), 72 kg.

Clothes (It's set waaaay up in northern Canada, so keep in mind that it isn't too warm there, unless
you're auditioning for the other cousin or the rapist.): Any color of skinny jeans, paired with a black/white/grey long-sleeve shirt, a waistcoat of the same color as the jeans and a black hoodie that reads "DROP DEAD".

Anything else involving appearance: Has a small hoop through the right side of her lip. Like I told you, rebellious child.

Personality (Not sure how much of this I'll use, but I want it just to be safe.): Cocky, witty, outgoing, a prankster, cheeky, dirty-minded.

Anything else about the character: She has a long scar on her throat.

Oh my god, help me. It's 4 AM and everyone in my house is asleep and I heard a baby crying oh gOD HELP ME MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED.