Review for I quit.

I quit.

(#) MCRkilljoy 2012-10-01

Is it really worth leaving? Is it really worth giving it all up? Everything you've worked for? The reputation you've built, the respect you've gained, the love you've earned? Thousands of readers log on to this site to read your stories. Are you really going to leave it all behind because of some troll? This troll finds joy being the cause of everyone else's misery. They probably get up in the morning and have nothing to look forward to, other than troll on some widely unknown fan fiction site. Don't you find that sad? Don't you feel sorry for this person? This troll is probably anothe writer on the site, and do you know why they target you? They hate you. They hate all the reviews you get, the rates you get, the support you have, the friends you have, the fame on this site you've gained. All in all, this person is jealous that you are better than them, in all areas. Writing, intelligence and personality. And you want to leave give up because of that? They didn't even tell you what was wrong, rating is anonymous. They are to afraid to even admit they rated you down!
I really love you, as does everyone else and I'm devastated to see you go. If you really feeling leaving is the best choice, then go for it.
I know health wise and mentally, you're not great, but personally, I think giving up on the site completely is a mistake. Even take a month or two off if you need, but please, try to reconsider. You are the best this site has had, and letting go will just cause it all to slowly fade away. I don't even think you know how much you've inspired everyone on here...... I support you in whatever you decide, but just try to see how sad this troll is, and how much you have going for you. You're going to do really well, believe me.