Review for I.Want.To.Die


(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-10-05

FUCK NO. YOU'RE NOT GETTING OUT OF THIS THAT EASY. LET ME TELL YOU. .IT'S NOT THE MOTHEREFFINGMEESE ANSWER. I used to self harm also (though I still get the urge) and it doesn't fix anything. It just scars your body. I WILL LITERALLY FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE AND HUG SOME SENSE INTO YOU, YA GOT THAT? (I HUG HARD. THAT SOUNDED WRONG.) I WILL HUG YOU SO HARD YOU'LL SQUEAK. I have attempted suicide five fricken' times so I should know. You just gotta get through it. It's hard I know. . I had to go to the mental hospital twice. SAM I DON'T REALLY KNOW YOU BUT YOU GOTTA KNOW, I LOVE YOU. NOW THAT'S ONE PERSON AND I KNOW THERE'S MORE! >:/ You do anything and I will throw a burrito at your head. A burrito that's been sat on by many illegal immigrants. Know that I care about you. Seriously, don't hurt yourself. You're too fucking pretty for that. I'm still here today, aren't I? If I can get through it, you can.

xx Mia