(#) Mirazal 2012-10-22

^^^ awwww thanks baby

When I went to camp last summer, there was this really interesting guy. He always wore this fedora.

I thought he was pretty cool, so I started hanging out with him a little. I would kinda do all the same activities that he signed up for, and I would always try to talk to him.

I found out he really liked my friend, so I tried to set them up, but I would always hang around with them.

Whenever he was talking to her, I would always butt in and say hi.

It wasn't until later that I realized what a stalker I was being, so for the rest of the week I completely avoided him.

Can I just say that my friend had a cute boyfriend and when I asked her why she wanted to hang out with Fedora Boy, she said, "It's just a crush." And I was like >:(

This wasn't my best story. It's the freshest in my mind, though.

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D: ohmygosh. Wow. D: