Review for To Love a Lost Girl

To Love a Lost Girl

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-10-23

I'm going to lock Bob in my basement! Ohmygosh we can get together and hang out with locked up Bob and Frank.

Well maybe she just needed a good cry. Everyone has their own shit going on. What a fucking cunt. If the teacher is an awesone one, don't make them cry. The world needs more awesome teachers, and when you have one, they shouldn't be stressed out.

Author's response

She's just the best! She doesn't give us homework, and when we're doing our work she just sits with us while we complain about maths. (She's the maths teacher by the way.) Then we all just talk for a while until she says "Right, work!" and she points at our sheets with her pen, and a minute later we're all talking again. She's the best! Haha.

Oh my god! We should just buy a house with a basement together, and lock them up in some sort of nice kind of dungeon, and then get someone to marry us! Mwahaha! XD xx