Review for Auditions!


(#) AshIsNotOnFire 2012-10-25

Part (include back-up, if you like): Record producer's assistant.

Full name: Joshua Leo Thompson.

Nickname(s)/preferred name: Josh, Joshy.

Age: 25.

Birthday (just day and month): July 12.

Appearance: Shaggy dark brown hair, usually covered by a beanie. Dark blue eyes, with long, thick lashes. Pale-ish skin with a few blemishes. Tall, skinny.

Personality: Shy, quiet. He's from England, so he has one of those adorable British accents. Loves music, and plays guitar. He really wants to be in a band.

Clothing style: Sorta dorky, yet cute. Likes beanies, tight jeans, Converse, and checkered shirts over graphic t-shirts, and scarves.

Anything else: I don't think so, no! Have fun!