(#) Mirazal 2012-10-26

In eighth grade, there was a guy in my English class. Let's call him M.

My first encounter with M was in 4th grade. We went to different schools, but the school district had a GT program we were both in, so we were in the same field trip group one day. He was the only boy and only one who didn't attend my elementary school.

In fifth grade, we started at the same school.

In seventh grade, he started changing. I only ever saw him in the halls, but he wore cool t shirts and headphones on his neck and skinny jeans and Vans and I heard that he had taken up bass. (Sam, this is the guy I told you about.)

In eighth grade, he went totally scemo. Emo hair, black music t shirts (The Clash, Asking Alexandria), skinny jeans of various colors, studded belts. I acted unimpressed until one day he asked me about my Modern Warfare 3 shirt. (I don't play, my friend had given it to me.) I started paying more attention to him.

He was in theater, so I went to every production. (He's actually a really good actor.) I stared at him creepily during class until I realized and tried not to let him notice.

At eighth grade graduation, we were supposed to go to a waterpark afterwards, but I stayed at school. He did too, coincidentally, so I felt like a super stalker. Important detail: I changed into a black MCR shirt and skirt after the ceremony. Turns out, he had worn an MCR shirt TO the ceremony, so I felt so awkward.

All the students left behind were rounded up into my English teacher's classroom, the same class I shared with M. He played his bass and argued with the jocks, and I awkwardly sat in the corner.

Then summer.

I don't see M anymore out of the halls. (Well, last week we were in the same PSAT testing room. We both wore checkered Vans, his pink, mine purple.) He always carries his bass with him, and he keeps sunglasses on his head.

Amd that's it. -cue credits music- sorry for the shitty story.

Author's response

Amazing transformation.
Too bad you don't see him D: