Review for Part Time Lover

Part Time Lover

(#) Mirazal 2012-10-29

Wow, this is a big step for Gerard.
His role is pretty interesting... I 'm not used to Gerard Way having only a small part in any fic. It's new. I really like it. :)
I liked this chapter... things are sort of at a crossroads, and can really go any direction from here.
More insight on Taylor. (/tales of another broken home.../) that was good. And awww Frank. He's really adorable. (I just can't get over that.)
Anywayzzzz, thank you for updating this! Please update again soon!

Author's response

Very big. :)
I'm glad. I'm a huge fan of Frank, with Mikey second but for some reason I find Gerard's character easier to write, even though it's not him at all- if that made any sense I'm lucky, lol.
They are! I hope you like the direction.
Yeah! There is a lot to her to still be discovered. :D I love writing him this way mostly.
I'll try! I updated it just for you. (: Haha, you're the only one who reads it!
I appreciate the reviews.