Review for She Always Gets What She Wants

She Always Gets What She Wants

(#) Poppana 2012-11-11

Sigh! Frank, you stupid little boy. When you're doing your best friend's sister in secret, you don't act that obvious about it. Honestly, get your shit together XO And Frank, you most definitely ARE whipped. Brittany totally IndianaJones'd you. That's now a thing. A word. Yeah.
I'm not even kidding, I love this story. I also find it amazing that even though the last update was such a long time ago, I still remembered what had happened :D And trust me, I have the worst memory ever. So that's saying a lot, I think.
I hope you'll update soon.

Author's response

Oh, thank you so much! It's really good to know that people like the story.
lol! "Brittany totally IndianaJones'd you." I love that! I should definitely remember it :D
I will try to update as soon as possible.