Review for MegaMistake


(#) Mirazal 2012-11-13

Oh my goodness, just saw this.
I feel like, maybe if I did the Homestuck thing, I might understand this better. You have it planned out REALLY well (oh my god, like, down pat) but all the... terms? Terms, I guess. Well, it all gets kinda confusing because a lot come at one time.
It might just be me, though. I have, like, half a brain.

But anyway, this is so funny. Gawd. When you were describing FicWad, I just couldn't. I still can't. It all fits so well, her description.

Thanks for updating! Please update again soon!

Author's response

I was worried that I was a shit author, to be honest. (WHAT IS WRONG? DOES SHE NOT GET IT? I AM GOING TO KILL MY SELF INSERT!!!!)

Don't do the Homestuck thing. I strongly dissuade you from doing that. I'm switching things around so everything is either Canon or really really close to canon.
Remember how I mentioned Tumblr's in another session? I have to fix everything so that this session and that session are both sort of canon and make sense.

I'm not giving you a reference guide. FFN didn't read the rules, so somebody has to explain it to him.