Review for Auditions *Take 2*

Auditions *Take 2*

(#) Sam41 2012-11-14

Alrighty, this is what I need to know: :D

Full name: Sam Wesley Alexx

Age:17? Change if need be

Hair: REAALLY light blue, just above shoulder length worn spiked at the ends under her signature black and grey striped beanie
Eyes: Silver with a tint of green
5"6, 110 pounds, pale with a natural redness in her cheeks

Personality: An "ah fuck it" kind of attitude, bubbly and more punk-ish

Role you would prefer: Jon's GF (pleeeaaase I'm his hoe (ha best inside joke ever) but if you don't belive me ask atomickilljoy, she knows)

And anything else you would like me to know: She's getting bass lessons