Review for Honeysuckle Care Home

Honeysuckle Care Home

(#) Poppana 2012-11-17

That awkward moment when you're wearing pink lacy thongs and your boyfriend is sporting his lovely Batman boxers, and then you read this.

Good for them. For gettin' it on. I'm pretty sure the adults in this care home aren't too bright for putting a teen girl and a teen boy in the same room. I mean, what did they think would happen? Okay yeah it could happen with two teen guys or two teen girls, I'm not judging. Let all the flowers bloom and such. But back on topic: Come on, we've all seen the Discovery Channel! Okay I haven't, I don't know why I just said that.

I liked this chapter, as creepy as that may sound. I always kind of feel awkward reading sex scenes, and even more so while writing them :D Which is why I don't write them, obviously... But this was very good!

HANG ON! Did Frank just seriously run through the house, naked? The house that has little kids in it? Including his little sister? Gosh I hope the bitchy chick (Addie or something or other?) saw him and is planning on blackmailing them X) Serves them right for traumatizing little children. Pervs.

No but really, I quite enjoyed this chappy :D Kudos to the person whose name was probably ShaylaShanaynay who wrote all the sex. Well done. If I had hands, I would applaud you quite vigorously.

Author's response

Haha! You're reviews never fail to make me giggle. I know right?!? Apparently in my mind he was fanfrickintastic, so, yeah... I have to watch discovery channel things in science, but I don't mind them. If you haven't seen them in some point in your life, you're crazy and you need a shrink. She's amazing at writing them!!! I can't thank her enough! Haha. :O He did!!! Maybe it's like a fridge at the end of the hall and no one was around?!? Where did your hands go?!? Haha. I'm glad you liked this chapter! I'll update soon! XD xx