Review for Auditions *Take 2*

Auditions *Take 2*

(#) Marlz 2012-11-17

Full name: Layla Hanson

Age: 17 (change if necesary)

Looks: 5'6", about 140 lbs, slight curves, sturdy build. Greenish hazel eyes and olive colored skin. Roundish, heart-shaped face with a small nose and full lips. Wears leggings and yoga pants ALL THE TIME, prefers those over jeans and wears toms or converse. Wears minimal makeup, just eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara.

Personality: She is a sweetheart for the most part (haha, rhyme, but her sense of humor is a little mean at times. She tends to care way too much and has a very heavy conscience, which gets her in trouble sometimes. Not hurt easily, but when she is she shuts down.

Role you would prefer: Jon's GF. I mean, I can be flexible, they are all hot, but Jon would be the prfered choice. :)

And anything else you would like me to know: She LOVES to sing and act, it's her thing.

That's it. I'm excited!