(#) Sam41 2012-11-25

Here is the info needed:
Part and backup part: Teacher
Which idea? (Homeless people or boarding school?)
Name Skye Alexis
Nickname: Doesn't have one
Hair: Blonde with red and black streaks, textured and more edgier, worn under a black and grey striped beanie (collar bone length)
Eyes: Dark brown
Skin: Tan
Height/Weight: 5'7, 145 pounds
Clothes: Band tees (Beatles, Iron Maidian, Judas Priest, Motley Crüe, Alice Cooper, older bands like that), a pair of Vans
Piercings: A left nose ring (hoop) an industrial on her right ear and cartlidge piercing on the left
Tattoos: Has "Stay Strong" On each of her wrists (one has stay, the other strong kind of thing)
Scars: On her lower calf from a hockey accident when she was a teenager
Jewelery: An engament ring really (she doesn't wear much jewlery)
Likes: Music, School of Rock, making things interesting
Dislikes: Math, Science, English, Social (most of the school subjects), people who are extrememly happy in the morning (she assumes their possesed or something)
Anything else? Isn't afraid to swear, laid back, Music Teacher?