Review for Give It Your Best Shot

Give It Your Best Shot

(#) BJH 2012-11-26

A really nice chapter. I liked how Porteur listened, not only to Harry, but also to Sirius and James. Their, Sirius and James, ability to see beyond their worry for Harry and embrace Porteur as a son they just hadn't had the chance to know and love yet was impressively done. Sensitive without getting maudlin. I expect that Lily will have a more demonstrative reaction when she is given the journal to read. Will the men try to decide that she doesn't need to know about the parallel world?


Author's response

I'm glad that you like the chapter and didn't find it angsty. That is what I was aiming for, so it pleases me to know that I've succeeded. As for Lily's reaction, you'll have to wait and see.