(#) riza_lee 2012-12-03

Piercing's: I only have my ears done once each, normal and one microdermal on my right cheek bone, about an inch underneath the outter corner of my eye.

Tattoos: 2 shooting stars on my lower torso, right underneath my panty line. One is red and one is blue.

2 on my right foot. One is puppy paw prints walking across my foot. The other is a nautical star (red and black) on my inner ankle.

The last tattoo is a ribbon falling down the left side of my back. It's made to look like parchment paper and has music notes in it, you can make it any song you like, but the song I have in there is 'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen. The ribbon is loosely wrapped around a bunch of black and grey swirls which extend from my left butt cheek to over my left shoulder.

If that is to confusing, just let me know, I will try to explain it better.

Author's response

got it lol :)