Review for Auditions for the story after HCH

Auditions for the story after HCH

(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-12-05

Penina I will! I will! I'm so sorry I didn't last night- I was forced to go out for dinner with my family. . .-__- Tasty, yes, but I had important things to do! I'm currently at school but when I get home I'm going to the cinemas because today's my birthday. I do apologize and I know you've been waiting. I'll write another for you, is that okay? Just tell me the plot and shtuff. :D

Author's response

I FORGOT IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! EXPECT A FIC FROM ME TO YOU SOON! XD Haha. And it's okay. I just get impatient because I need Frank so much! Haha. Whatchu gonna see?!? And I want you to make it up because you have a fanspastic brain!!! Haha. XD xx