Review for Auditions for the story after HCH

Auditions for the story after HCH

(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-12-05

Awwwwh thanks! YES I'M SO SORRY!!! YOU WERE PROLLY STAYING UP WAITING FOR IT. . . D: Yay thank you! I'm seeing Red Dawn. Sam and Dean's dad from Supernatural is in it! XD AND I WILL AND THANKS HAHA :3

Author's response

Haha. It's okay. And I didn't get to sleep any later than usual. It was at about 1 o'clock by the way. I have the worst sleeping pattern. I remember for a few months, or about half a year, I was nocturnal. It was so weird! Haha. IS HE GOING ON A HUNTING TRIP IN THIS MOVIE?!? OH JOHN WINCHESTER YOUR SPERM WERE FINE SPECIMEN THEY REALLY WERE!!! Haha. XD xx