Review for Hi Guys!

Hi Guys!

(#) Mirazal 2012-12-06

Haaai! I'm Mirazal.

So what does your username mean?
Are you a girl? Idk why but we're deficient in guys around here. Maybe it's all the gay.
Have you read my stories? Because I am so sorry for the crappy quality to them.
Do you ship Frerard?
Which authors have you been keeping up with?
Are fuzzy hats awesome or what?
I like your shoelaces.
Mangoes or pineapples?
It's atomickilljoy's birthday today. :3

Welcome, my child. -hugs you-

Author's response

Well, my username is actually Gem I Am, but I combined it and got rid of the capitals.

I'm actually a boy, and I'm bisexual.

I think I've read a few of your stories. I liked them quite a bit.

I'm not a huge Frerard fan, but if the plot is good I'll read it,

I haven't been keeping up with any authors in particular yet.

I do like fuzzy hats.

Thank you. I like your shirt.


Happy birthday to atomickilljoy then!

Thanks -hugs- Even though I'm probably older than you.