Review for Rot & Ruin Auditions

Rot & Ruin Auditions

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-12-11

Part: Nix, or anything :)

Name: Jennifer Sadie Flores

Nickname(s): Jen


Hair: black, wavy, shoulder length, pulled up into a ponytail

Eyes: brown, with black rimmed glasses

Height/weight: 5'6, 120 pounds

Skin tone: light brown

Anything else with looks?: she's Mexican American

Clothes(remember this is after the apoclypse, no fancy ass shit): her faded band t shirts (Iron Maiden, The Beatles, The Ramones, Misfits,etc.), her faded skinny jeans, and her old converse

Personality: sweet, smart, a bit quiet, is sassy when needed, jokes around when you get to know her, doesn't get mad easily, and is a bit, shockingly, daring

Likes: rock music, drawing, writing, comics, and dogs

Dislikes: the dark,dresses, getting yelled at, anything extravagant, and clowns

Leader or follower?: Leader. She leads, especially when she's needed, because she has the wisdom for it. She's a bit quiet, but isn't afraid to step up to the plate.

How do you feel about killing zombies?: She does what she has to do. She can't say she feels sad or happy, but she does what's best for the group.