Review for Rot & Ruin Auditions

Rot & Ruin Auditions

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-12-11

Can Jen be with Bob? :)

Have you read the work of Max Brooks? You should. I highly recommend it :)

Part: Badass

Name: Joshua Dean Samister

Nickname(s): Josh


Hair: black, shaved off. Kinda like Shane's towards the end of Season 2 of The Walking Dead(if you watch it)

Eyes: hazel

Height/weight:5'9, 130 pounds

Skin tone: pale

Anything else with looks?: nope

Clothes(remember this is after the apoclypse, no fancy ass shit): faded jeans, worn out sneakers, and plain t shirts

Personality: very badass, loves watching people die, has a hidden compassionate side (somewhere deep down), a bit smart, and he gets med easily

Likes: killing stuff, watching anything in pain, blood, classical music, and puppies.

Dislikes: heights, and people picking fights with him.

Leader or follower?: follower. He isn't sure on how to lead.

How do you feel about killing zombies?: LOVES IT WITH A PASSION