Review for Rot & Ruin Auditions

Rot & Ruin Auditions

(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-12-11

Part: A badass I guess :'D

Name: Maria Cassem

Nickname(s): Mia (I go by that.)

Hair: jet black, to my chest, super curly, with a side fringe like Frank's in the Revenge era, messy

Eyes: big, dark brown-so dark you can't see the pupil

Height/weight: 4'7, 88 pounds I'm not even kidding, I went to the doctor's two days ago and this is what they told me.

Skin tone: russet-colored

Anything else with looks?: I have a bit of a baby face- I look like a kid

Personality: bubbly, childish, sadistic, sweet when I want to be, dark-humored, hyper, distracted easily, when I'm angry I'm angry. , a very anxious person

Clothes(remember this is after the apoclypse, no fancy ass shit):

Likes: playing pranks on people, getting piggyback rides (I'm like a kid), watching people suffer, sour candy, sketching, squirrels (I have a pet squirrel named Maiden after Iron Maiden)

Dislikes: Being teased because I'm small, getting in trouble, being outnumbered by zombies, being outdone by people, not having time to sketch

Leader or follower?: leader I think it's be funny cos I'm so short and I look like a child

How do you feel about killing zombies?: Secretly I'm extremely afraid but I pretend to have a lot of fun with it.

For the badasses
Why did you start gameland?: There was no entertainment around town and I wanted to liven it up. I'm a sick person. :3

What's so good about watching people die/nearly die?: I love the gore, I think what I do is 'artistic'

Could I please be paired with Frank?