Review for AUDITIONS!!!!


(#) TearsOfAMonster 2012-12-28

Name: Evangeline Dae
Age(no older than 18): 16
Weapon of choice: Bow and arrow
One skill that you would bring to the group (tracking, hunting, fishing, etc...): Hunting
Appearance(eyes, skin, hair, etc..): Long blonde hair, blue eyes, small, slim, big eyes and pale skin.
Part: Rich city girl or whatever :)
What is one trait you have that would bring down the group(don't like the cold, not used to living off land, etc...): Not used to being in a state like this, used to other people looking after her.
A brief background of the character: Evangeline or Eve has always been brought up in a big city, her mother was a model and her father owned a worldwide talent agency. Evangeline isn't actually blood related to the parents that brought her up but her real parents left her in the gutter only for her adopted father to find.
Hope you like my character :)x