Review for AUDITIONS!!!!


(#) LaurentheHuman 2012-12-31

I'm bored so here's another character. :D

Name: Hanna Rose Wetriess
Age(no older than 18): 16
Weapon of choice: Machete

One skill that you would bring to the group (tracking, hunting, fishing, etc...): Hunting
Appearance(eyes, skin, hair, etc..): Long, straight naturally red hair, usually tied up into a ponytail. Big, brown eyes. Tallish. A little chubby. Quite pretty.
Part: Shove her anywhere you need her.

What is one trait you have that would bring down the group(don't like the cold, not used to living off land, etc...): She doesn't like having to work for her food.

A brief background of the character: She was raised as an only child by her fairly wrealthy mom and dad in Florida. She would go hunting with her dad, that why she's a pretty good hunter. However, it scares her that now she depends on it when hunting used to be just for fun.