Review for Awake and Unafraid

Awake and Unafraid

(#) jack-the-ripper 2013-01-15

Gaahhh! I loved this! how is that your writing just keeps on getting better and better and holy fuckin shit I'm so jealous!
oh and
FINALLY!! I love the fact that you took your time and didn't rush things, it makes the entire setting that much more realistic, you picturing the complicity of the situation between them in so many ways, but ohmygod i've been waiting for this! I'm glad Gerard got his fucking act together already haha..
I'm ridiculously happy about for them, seriously, I'm grinning at the screen like an idiot and practically squealing as I type.

Love you!

Author's response

Lmao I love you!! I have wanted this chapter so many times but I drug it out so it was that much more special. I have so much more for this story. I hope you stick around.