(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2013-01-16

Name: Mia Cassem

Nickname(S): Shorty

Age: 15

Part: Frank's girlfriend, pretty please. c: I'd really, really like that part. :3

Hair: jet black, extremely curly, to my chest, a bit messy, with a huge fringe like Frank's from the Revenge era

Eyes: big and dark brown

Height/Weight: 4'7, 87 pounds no joke :/

Clothes: ripped white skinnies, a white uniform shirt under a navy school blazer with the Hogwarts crest ironed on it and a red, green, and yellow plaid tie, red Converse high-tops and a red beany

Personality: hyper, sweet when I want to be, a jokester, bubbly talkative, impulsive, easily angered, quickly amused, bouncy

Likes: the color purple, squirrels, Frank, polka-dots, 80's horror movies, 80's rock, bats, climbing things/people, getting piggyback rides, pulling pranks on people, sour candy

Dislikes: spiders, homophobes, tea, vegetables, pop music, extreme heat, large crowds

Fears: heights, the dark

Talents(art, music, etc.): sketching, drumming, acting, fitting into small places