Review for Gunshot.


(#) Ninja-on-the-run 2013-01-22

I love it so far! :D It has fantastic diction and I love the start!

One suggestion though and don't take it the wrong way, but maybe spacing the paragraphs a bit can help for the reader. I don't want to offend.

And now I'm gonna have to watch that movie. It sounds like a good watch.

Keep it up, totally alerting this fic!

Author's response

Thank you and I completely agree with you! It really is easier for the reader with more spacing and I usually don't separate the paragraphs a lot, but I'll try to. Thanks for the insight! You're awesome :3

AND YES DJANGO UNCHAINED IS A SUPERB MOVIE. I really want to see it again. I'm pretty sure it's still in theaters in America, and even though it's close to 3 hours in length, I loved every minute of it :D