Review for Auditions. c:

Auditions. c:

(#) Crack 2013-02-26

Part: Spy, and a very good one. (Trained by Korse himself).

Actual age: 17


Name: Anna Turner.

How do you know Korse?: I formed part of one of the first town's which BLI attacked, near California or wherever you damn want. I was only 14 when my parent's where killed for revealing against the incorporation, so I had a chance to run away with my older brother Nathan (he was 16), but we didn't have a change of getting too far before the Dracs cached up to us and captured my brother first, he told me to run but I couldn't go on without him so offered myself to the Dracs instead of taking him, then Korse suddenly appeared and agreed, but just after taking me, he ordered two of the Dracs to rip out both his arms out and out a clean bullet through his brains in front of me, the last thing I ever yelled was his name before Korse made them cut my tongue off. So I am practically mute. Why he didn't kill me still remains a mystery to myself, but from that day on I became an involuntary part of BLI/ind institution, and he used me and trained me as a spy in recompense of not doing the same thing to me that they did to Nathan. I was just scared to went along with it.

Wow, you can make that les gore if you'd like, but the thing is that I'm mute okay haha.

Why do you hate/like the killjoys?: Hate them, because once i was escaping with my brother in the woods, I could identify a small group of killjoys ahead, I yelled and pleaded for help but none of them even turned to look at me, and they let them kill my brother. Like, because my parents themselves where former killjoys.

What's your reason for trying to capture me?: Korse's orders. I have no opinion or liberty of choice.

Do you eventually turn good? Why or why not?: Yeah, I do help them at some point, because I'm desperate and tired of being forced in those anti-emotional pills and trying to save the tiny bit of emotions left within me before I go completely blank.

Looks (if it's even necessary): Shoulder-length wavy light brown hair, gray eyes, long side swept bangs that fall into my face for most of the time, pixie nose and pale complexion.

Personality: I pretty much never actually never reveal anything else more than my background story, I'm quiet (obviously duh), I'm a great observer and listener, but there is little no emotion left within me, other than that I am monotone and cold.

Thanks! :D