(#) CyanideSuicide 2013-03-09

Name: Alex

Killjoy name:Anarchy Aim

Age: 19

Part:Male killjoy

Sexual Preference:Bisexual

Hair colour/style:

Height/weight: 6ft, 140 lbs

Eyes colour/shape: Icy blue like in the photo

Make up: guyliner

Scars: one across his throat

Tattoos:one on his shoulder that says lost but never forgotten then it has Pandora's box under it

Piercings: Same as in the photo

Mask: one half is black the other is red

Jacket: Black with a huge red anarchy sign on the back

Logo/symbol: Anarchy symbol

Trousers: black skinny jeans with rips all over them

Shoes:Combat boots with chains on them

Ray gun colour/style: Black with red splatters on it

Personality- relatively outgoing, he decides in a few seconds weather or not he likes you, loves sarcasm, he likes to tell everyone stories about all the crazy things he and his sister would do

How would you react to a celebrity?: would disregard their celeb status and judge them on their actions

Why are you a killjoy?: revenge

What are your feelings on BLI?: Hates them

Any siblings or family?: Yes his twin sister Pandora however she was killed by dracs

(Detailed) Back Story: He and his sister ran away from home at 15. They often did stupid stuff together and were inseparable until she died. A month after her death he joined the killjoys.