Review for The Living Sin

The Living Sin

(#) LamiaTheFictionSnob 2013-08-14

Regretably one of those people who read and not review. So sorry. But to be honest, FicWad is not friendly to users logging on with a 6+ year old mobile phone.

Now to the point, I honestly can't provide any constructive criticism - your writing is brilliant! Maybe there are just occasional minor spelling errors, but everyone makes them (I probably have already made 5 in this text post).

And on an unrelated note, I hope that you don't fall back into a total relapse of self harm. I know - your body is yours to create and destroy with, I understand that well. But if you want someone to email and try to help, just ask :)

Eagerly awaiting your next chapter!


Author's response

Hi! First of all I just want to say I understand about the phone thing, its a freaking nightmare sometimes. Secondly I want to thank you for such a great review, it feels really good when you guys compliment my writing and I am really thankful for that.

As for the SH/relapse thing, I'm really grateful that you guys care so much. I feel really stupid for what I did but I know that recovery is a long process and I'm bound to slip up sometime, Rome wasn't built in a day right? Anyway I will keep you in mind if I ever need a chat and I want to thank you again for being so kind :)

Vikki xoxo