Review for As Days Fade, And Nights Grow

As Days Fade, And Nights Grow

(#) CrimsonRevenge 2013-08-22



Now that I got that scream out of the way...I need to stop to breath!

I knew it!

I fucking knew it!

You! You! You are so great!! I love you!

This story is just so amazing!

I cannot wait for more!!

I have to stop before I explode from all the feels!!


Author's response

Oh dear lord Paige, I think you woke up the neighbours with that one.

I love you!!!! And if I was a game show host I would happily ring the bell at this moment and announce ding ding DING we have a WINNER! Yes, you knew.
I gotta work on something that'll catch you off guard.
I'm gonna retreat to my journal file now and continue writing.

Love ya!