Review for year's end

year's end

(#) good 2013-09-13

"what you gonna do when the lake goes dry, honey?" - it's classic american boasting, man, really.

don't feel so shitty, do you? it's okay, alright, dude, the thoughts that make up your head are all working together and they go BOOM.

but it's like the best damn explosion i've ever heard.

i just enjoy this piece far too that wrong to say?

please take this as a compliment. :)

Author's response

i will, thank you!

it's really taking some thin lines and thick lines and making them realize they're just lines anyway
but...yes you are thin and you are thick
do we overgeneralize or do we wear ourselves down nit-picking until we were all unrelated?
when do we hit some middle ground?
when do we just give up?

well, lovely, it makes me happy to know you enjoyed, that's more than i could ever ask for, seriously thank you.