Review for A Season of Aeons

A Season of Aeons

(#) ArwenUndomiel 2006-11-27

I really liked this. Lovely little drabble, and the imagery was really well done.

However, there were a couple of moments where I thought your choice of word was strange. For instance, I'm not sure 'leaved' is a word. I could be wrong, but I thought maybe 'budded' or something along those lines would be better in the context.

The other one was 'fruitful'. Shouldn't it have just been 'fruit'?

Aside from that, it was beautiful. I loved it. Keep writing!

Author's response

Thank you for reading and responding.

I did attempt to justify my use of "leaved" as a verb, but it appears that either it is not a word, or it is so old it is not in use any longer. "Budded" was the best I could come up with in place of it, so thank you for the pointer there.

"Fruitful". This is referring to any capable of reproducing, so fruitful is a correct word. Think of Genesis.

There were a couple of other changes I made, as others at another site pointed them out.

Again, thank you, and your comments were very helpful.