Review for Addict For Dramatics

Addict For Dramatics

(#) luckysgc921 2006-12-10

first off the title is from That Thing You Do. Best. Band. Movie. Ever.

secondly--amazing chapter. Pete really is an ass. I fully believe it. Its the main reason if I ever break into the business end of things I think I might refuse to work with FOB.
Poor Patrick, his smurf mug went poof. I also loved their DVD Collection and Joe's way of leaving notes (my mom does that to me a lot..)
great chapter.

Author's response

DING DING DING DING DING! Yep, it's from That Thing You Do. We are officially soulmates. :) I love how you hate Peter, it makes me smile for some reason. Since you're my first reviewer AND you got my little piece of trivia correct, I'll throw you in the story and you can...I don't know, kick Pete in the nuts or something. Sound good?