Review for Addict For Dramatics

Addict For Dramatics

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-12-14

Mrs. Parish was a regular who would faithfully patron our shop every week or so to have something done. Nails manicured, hair trimmed or styled, eyebrows waxed and whatnot. She was a plump older woman with distinguished gray hair and make up slathered across her wilted, lathered face. Her thin lips remained in a permanent, lipstick-smothered sneer. Nothing positive or even remotely polite escaped her puckered trap, yet she always asked for me. The only thing that made her bearable was her amazing ability to leave an unbelievable and undeserved tip. -> I am very impressed with your … eye (?) for details here. Fleshing out minor characters like this gives the reader a more vivid pictures of Lo’s world. Great DoJ work!

The radio scene was unique. Things like that often come off as cliché. Not with Kyle of the DoJ, of course. :)

The Dad-patting was slightly disgusting. I liked it.

To be overly redundant and… repetitive: This story is fiiiiine entertainment. Or so says my rating point. Tschüß for now.

Author's response

I love details. They keep a story interesting. I try not to get too intense. I think I have been on the verge with Mrs. Parish...but who knows. Dad patting is digusting? Since when? Older, jewish men need love too. :O...ew, I went too far with that.