Review for The Seduction of Light

The Seduction of Light

(#) Vashti 2006-12-17


Wow, that was beautiful, it was just... amazing. I loved the painting's description it was great. The entire story caught me off gaurd. It wasn't what I was expecting to read when I came to ficwad.

It feels petty to point this out but you did have one un-capitalized 'i' in there, somewhere in the middle (yeah, I know really helpful description) but don't worry about it too much. I'm still in too much shock over the actual story to care much. There was something about it that I really liked... I can't exactly explain it...

Author's response

So I've been a total loser and not responded to any of my reviews, but it's made worse with the fact that your review was one of the first i've gotten since coming to ficwad, and it just made me -glow- ^____^ I cannot express how happy your review has made me; you really caught the essence of what I was looking for in this story, which was something unexpected and that makes one happy without being able to really identify why. You're one of the few who has gotten this, for feel lucky. Or whatever =P
And I've looked for that 'i', just cause you mentioned it and I'm anal, so I think I've found it. Dunno if I'll be putting up the 'revised' version or not, but thank you for mentioning it anyways laughs
Again, thanks very much! And I'm sorry I leave long responces....Ah well