Review for No Tears

No Tears

(#) Swii 2007-01-04

Oh, what a brilliant idea. I loved the implications of everything. The entire time I wondered just exactly how Kurogane felt, and how he would feel knowing that Fai left. In order for him to appear so ignorant, it really broke canon.

I guess that's my only beef for it though --how it was ever so slightly out of character for Kurogane and Fai. The Fai in the series seems to have grown more courageous than that. He is not so cowardly anymore.

Also, it felt slightly rushed. Maybe because it's one of those "and this is how it ended" stories rather than explaining how it began in the first place.

The descriptions and dialogue was spot on, though. I particularly liked how Fai thought about his "love" for Ashura --taught. And, of course, how he had stopped crying.

Perhaps the angst was a little overboard and not as subtle as it could have been. Overall, it was a good piece of fanwork. It's gotten me thinking about the characters more.